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Feeling rather betrayed.
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Ahem. Does NOT need a Premium Membership! CURSE YOU!
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Yes, I hate writing diaries. Busy at school. Love Adobe Illustrator. Have done extraordinarily much art lately. Can I quit now? Thanks. :P
Finally, the Deathauras are done! The art club exhibition's preparing is on Monday, so I just had to paint them ready. And many thanks to Sonata Arctica for creating such an inspiring song :D
Finished the second drawing study of Emilie Autumn. Took me altogether propably some 10+ hours, and in the end I didn't have the patience to draw every little detail of her costume. >:D
But it's done. Now that the piece yielded some self-confidence for drawing humans, there'll be more. Likely pretty women. :)
The dancing was awesome. We were so good. At least from what I could tell, being so focused on dancing myself... :P The only qualms were that one of my girl friends was ill, couldn't dance with her; :( and that once the photographing began, my pair shouted at the man and woman who had come to do it... she thought they were way too slow. Well it was kinda amusing. XD

Today I managed to continue the physical version of the digi-art piece Deep Blue. It's ready soon. And looks at least just as good as the original. ^_^ I'm off to sauna soon.
..Heh, I swore once I'd never do blogs, but this is just that, eh? And who cares if anyone reads these, they're a good way for me to keep track of my art. :)
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Of yesterday:

The dance practice went really well, except my pair kicked my toe a couple of times. She's a bit too busy with her moves, asked her to slow down. :)
The Art club was both interesting and frustrating, it seriously bugs me that I'm lousy at drawing humans. On the other hand, the first Deathaura painting is nearly finished. But it requires two humans... X(
So there's this song "Deathaura" by Sonata Arctica, I love it, it's a lovestory of two witches, a boy and a girl. Anyway, in the Art Club of the school in which I work, I suggested that one work could be a painting etc. of a song. I decided to paint the Deathaura, since ink seems to be my cup of black tea.
Today, I finished the ironically last painting of the planned 3-part work. I'll post it soon. The first painting is still being done, with the second being considered left out, due to lack of time. My work's detailed. :D I'm such a perfectionist.
So, please comment and such... Blessings.